Bruce Conkle - Everytime I look at the Moon I think of Crop Circles

photo Marne Lucas

Everytime I look at the Moon I think of Crop Circles
Wood, metal, stone, meteorite, silicone

In “Everytime I look at the Moon I think of Crop Circles” Bruce Conkle has created a monument to lost intelligence, lost technology, and lost society. The piece that Conkle has installed at the Ministry of Casual Living is a tiny version of Stonehenge scooped up by a shovel. In addition, adding a tangible element from deep dark space, the artist has included a small meteorite amongst the ruins. Within a few miles of Stonehenge the vast majority of crop circles appear - often times sharing similar geometries. Some theorize this druid temple may in fact have been built on a crop circle site, using its imprint as a template. According to the12th century work Historia Regum Britanniae, Geoffrey of Monmouth claims that Stonehenge was originally assembled in Ireland made from miraculous healing stones that giants had obtained in Africa. Monmouth’s research also maintains that the wizard Merlin later dismantled the stones, moved them from their original site, and erected them in their current location.

This was shown in October of 2011 at

Ministry of Casual Living
1442 Haultain Street
Victoria, British Columbia