Bruce Conkle

Selected Solo Shows

2016 Surface Glitch. White Box. University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts, Portland, Oregon
2015 The Wooden Carrot. Frosch & Portmann, New York, New York
2012 Tree Clouds. Autzen Gallery. Portland State University. Oregon
2011 Everytime I look at the Moon I think of Crop Circles. The Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria BC
2011 Smoke and Shovels. Ditch Projects. Springfield, Oregon
2010 Magic Chunks. Worksound. Portland, Oregon
2009 Warlord Sun King: The Genesis of Eco-Baroque, with Marne Lucas. Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, Oregon
2009 Eco-Baroque: Variance, with Marne Lucas. Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
2008 Friendlier Fire. Rocks Box Fine Art. Portland, Oregon
2008 Eco-Tankers, SUNY Oswego, New York
2007 Lament for Middle Kingdom Earth. Jack the Pelican Presents, Brooklyn New York
2006 Landscape and Assassination, Nřlistasafni­, The Living Art Museum. Reykjavik, Iceland
2005 Lament for the Whale-A-Go-Go. AVA Gallery. Astoria, Oregon
2004 The Lala Zone Expedition. Haze Gallery. Portland, Oregon
2004 Flumes. Window Installation Project. Contemporary Crafts Museum and Gallery. Portland, Oregon
2004 Misfit Quotient. West Gallery. Oregon State University. Corvallis, Oregon
2003 Sasquatch Feng Shui. Portland Building. Portland, Oregon
2002 Maple Scented. Johnson Memorial Gallery. Middlebury College, Vermont
2001 Cabin Fever. The Art Gym. Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, Oregon
1998 Trophies. The Living Art Museum. Reykjavik, Iceland
1998 Tundra Rail King. Gallery Hulda ┴g˙stsdˇttir. ReykjavÝk, Iceland
1995 Delivery Room. Mason Gross School of Art, Rutgers University. New Brunswick, New Jersey
1996 J˙mbˇ Jˇl. The International Gallery of Snorri ┴smundsson. Akureyri, Iceland
1995 Dog Toy Music I & II. Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Staten Island, New York
1995 The Hemoglobin Saga. Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Staten Island, New York
1995 Guerilla. The Living Art Museum project room. ReykjavÝk, Iceland
1995 Delivery Room. Lane Community College. Eugene, Oregon
1994 SWM Seeks TV for Viewing. Contemporary Crafts Gallery. Portland, Oregon
1993 Quasi-Camp. The Orlo Foundation. Portland, Oregon
1993 Toys From the War Chest. Mayer Gallery. Marylhurst University, Oregon

Selected Group Shows

2015 Paradise Lost, with Fallen Fruit and Portland Art Museum.
2014 Paraprosdokians and Rubber Chickens. The Art Gym, Marylhurst University, Oregon
2014 The International Invitational Triennial of Contemporary Wind Chimes. Rocks Box Fine Art. Portland, Oregon
2013 Little Man Pool Party. Antenna project space, Chicago, Illinois.
2013 We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live. Traveling Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Craft and other venues
2012 Land Art Mongolia 360░ . Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
2011 Heads on Poles. Western Exhibitions, Chicago, Illinois
2011 Augen Drawing Invitational, Augen Gallery, Portland, Oregon
2010 Bubble Raft. Dorsch Gallery. Miami, Florida
2010 Portland2010. Biennial exhibition of Oregon Art. Disjecta. Portland, Oregon
2009 Warren Oates in the Economic Crisis of 2008. Okay Mountain, Austin, Texas
2007 American Nightmare (working title) Rio de Janiero, Brazil
2006 In Clover. Mt. Scott Park, Portland, Oregon.
2005 Ergonomicon. Consolidated Works. Seattle, Washington
2005 Strategic Design. GASP Gallery Artists Studio Projects. Boston, Mass.
2004 5D. Hall Gallery. Portland, Oregon
2004 Disposable Forest. Reed Art Week. Vollum Center, Reed College. Portland, Oregon
2004 One Foot After Another. Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, Oregon
2003 Ulterior Motives. Marylhurst University Art Gym. Marylhurst, Oregon
2003 The Best Coast. East Bank Center. Portland, Oregon
2003 Ecosystem 1 V3.0. Manaus Amazonas, Brazil
2003 Symbiont/Synthetic. Core Sample. Various locations. Portland, Oregon
2003 Virescence. Metro Building. Portland, Oregon
2002 Play. Littman Gallery. Portland State University. Portland, Oregon
2002 Are Friends Electric? Online art project at
2002 Pretty Paintings. The Model Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts
2001 Snapshot. The Contemporary Museum. Baltimore, Maryland
2000 All Those Ifs. Safnah˙si­. Egilsta­ir, Iceland
1998 Museum School Alumni Show. Delapa. New York, New York
1997 Wrong Place, Right Time. Double Pleasure. New York, New York
1997 To Hell With All of Us. The International Gallery of Snorri ┴smundsson. Akureyri, Iceland
1997 A4. Ott Plonk. Bergen, Norway
1996 Red Room. The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center. Brooklyn, New York
1996 The Smurf Problem. Calculator Gallery. New York, New York
1995 Alphabet. Performance with Eric Anderson. Film Forum. New York, New York
1994 Reel Zodiac. 612. Brooklyn, New York
1993 New Directions. Barrett House Galleries, Dutchess County Art Association. Poughkeepsie, New York. Curator Adam Weinberg.
1993 Crosscut. Portland Art Museum. Portland, Oregon


MFA. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts.
BA. University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.


2016 The Grand Calabash, public art commission PCC SE Campus
2016 RACC Project Grant for Surface Glitch
2013 Rocket Tree, Public Art Commission, Oregon Department of Transportation, Salem Oregon
2012 RACC Project Grant for Tree Clouds
2012 Land Art and Politics Symposium, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
2012 Coast Time residency, Lincoln City, Oregon.
2011 Hallie Ford Fellowship in the Visual Arts
2010 Oregon Arts Commission Artist Fellowship
2010 Floating Forest. Open Engagement Conference. Held at Portland State University.
2010 RACC Project Grant
2009 Burls will be Burls, Public art commission for TriMet/MAX Light Rail. Portland, Oregon.
2009 Signal Fire artist residency participant- invited to the inaugural cycle. Mt. Hood, Oregon
2009 PSU Smith Memorial Student Union Public Art + Residency Project: Oregon Percent for Art in Public Places'. Collaboration with Marne Lucas.
2008 RACC Project Grant for Warlord Sun King: The Genesis of Eco-Baroque. Portland, Oregon.
2008 Focus the Nation talk Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon.
2007 MFA PMNLS Lecture Series Speaker, Portland State University.
2007 Panelist: Troca USA, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon.
2006 Caldera Artist Residency
2005 Guest Lecturer, Oregon College of Arts and Crafts. Portland, Oregon.
2005 2D and 3D Design Instructor at University of Portland.
2005 3D Design at Marylhurst University.
2005 Co-curator of V-Gun, Portland, Oregon.
2004 Glimpse of the Inferno, digital commission for a multimedia performance/art project. London, UK.
2004 Public Art Selection Panel, RACC, Portland, Oregon.
2004 Regional Arts and Culture Council Individual Artist Project Grant, Portland, Oregon.
2004 Visiting Arts and Lecture Series, Oregon State University. Corvallis, Oregon.
2004 2D and 3D Design Instructor at University of Portland.
2004 PACE instructor at Sabin Center, through Clackamas Community College.
2004 3D Design at Marylhurst University.
2002-4 Orlo Gallery Director. Portland, Oregon.
2003 3D Design Instructor at Marylhurst University.
2003 KPSU Radio ArtStar, Artist Talk, Portland State University.
2003 KBOO Radio, Art Focus.
2003 Guest Lecturer and panelist. Visual Arts and the Environment. Lewis and Clark College. Portland, Oregon.
2003 University of Portland. Visiting artist.
2003 Woodland Teratology, a Bigfoot Opera. Online Project.
2003 KPSU Radio, Art Star.
2003 Guest Lecturer, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon.
2002 Visiting Professor, Studio Art, Middlebury College. Middlebury, Vermont.
2001 RACC Individual Project Grant. Portland, Oregon.
2001 Guest Lecturer, Contemporary Arts Council. Portland, Oregon.
1998 Guest Lecturer, Southeastern College Art Conference/SECAC, Wit and Humor: Insights and Interpretation. Miami Beach, Florida.
1997 Guest Lecturer, Florida International University, Miami, Florida.
1996 Instructor, Art Fundamentals, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
1996 Guest Lecturer, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland.
1995 Guest Lecturer, Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon.
1994 MTV Music Awards. Polygogue, mixed media sculpture, commission.


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