Bruce Conkle - Johnny Rotten Appleseed
Johnny Rotten Appleseed
Graphite, color pencil, 23.75k gold and palladium on vellum.

Paradise Lost
Saturday October 24, 2015
Projections from 6 – 8pm on the side of the RACC Building, 411 NW Park Ave at Glisan

Bruce Conkle has created apple inspired drawings from history, mythology, and pop culture, and invited members of the community, area artists, friends from all over, and children to make images for Paradies Lost. Bruce will electronically and astrally project these images outdoors along the Park Blocks.

In conjunction with
Fallen Fruit's 'A Day in Paradise'

presented by Caldera

Oregon Community Foundation Creative Heights Initiative Award




Adam Sorensen, Anna Gibson, Asmundur Asmundsson, Cynthia Lahti, Dan Attoe, Benjamin Buswell, David Chelsea, Donald Morgan, Rich Cortez, Ephraim Russell, Eve Jakabosky, Giovanni Garcia Fenech, Hye Kyung Son, Jared Haug, Jarrett Mitchell, Jeff Jahn, Jesse Sugarmann, Ken Ragsdale, Marne Lucas, Megan Lucas, Melody Owen, Michael Szpakowski, Patrick Rock, Stephen Hayes, Vita Mammut,Yasmin Cox