(a bigfoot opera)

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\Wood"land\, a. Of or pertaining to woods or woodland; living in the forest; sylvan.

\Ter`a•tol"o•gy\, n. [Gr. ?, ?, a wonder, monster + -logy: cf. Gr. ? a telling of wonders, and F. t['e]ratologie.] That branch of biological science which treats of monstrosities, malformations, or deviations from the normal type of structure, either in plants or animals.


see Woodland Teratology


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Epping Hall, St. John's Road



This project is in conjunction with Michael Szpakowski, a multimedia artist in London. Michael is the brains behind this 5 Operas project.
I am working with a few artists on a downloadable cut and fold paper set. See the sketch.
The kids in the chorus have made small figures you can see here.


Here is the libretto-


Woodland Teratology

by Bruce Conkle

Cast of characters:
Lumberjack (plaid shirt and axe)
Scientist (lab coat and binoculars)
Sasquatch (Nine or ten feet tall)

Some say he lives in the fifth dimension
And is a scout for aliens
This peaceful clever vegetarian-
Telepathic communications (with chorus)

You mean to say
Your monster won’t hurt me-
And communicates telepathically?


A light fades up on Sasquatch, previously unseen, at rear of stage
Deep in Shasta*

Orbs are spinning
Giant energy vortex beacon
Shining through the Fifth Dimension
Telepathic communication (with chorus)

I have seen them on several occasions-
These great gentle beings
Astonishing permutations
Civilized and foreseeing

Never seen one
Looked all over
Super skeptic
Four leaf clover
Until I find one Disbeliever

Sasquatch and chorus:
Researcher’s repudiation

Scientist: - (removed)
Incredibly large footed
Mystery creature?
Preposterous distinguishing feature!

Scientist leaves stage, then Sasquatch silently enters and crosses stage.
Pseudo-science condemnation
Telepathic communication


Inspired by Stan Johnson

* Mt. Shasta rumored home to many bigfoot.


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