Bruce Conkle - Lost Snowman
Bruce Conkle - Missing Gnome

Something strange going on here... both these guys disappeared and haven't been seen since.


In the genre of puking gnome tin foil sculptures, this is the Mona Lisa. Its loss is incalculable. Jeff Jahn

The first report I received was that the gnome was seen eating lunch at some restaurant in downtown Portland, and that he was using a credit card. I think the caller was implying that he had run away rather than being abducted/lost. I refuse to believe this.....

Several other calls came in, one from Salem even (50 miles south) Most people said they are still looking, one person tried to impersonate the snowman, but sightings have dropped off now.

One morning several months later I opened my windows and to my horror was greeted by my snowman laying in my front yard-

His arms were missing and some vital organs nowhere in sight..

He was gleaming in the morning light, and I took him in and made some repairs..

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