"Bigfoot's Love Slave"

me my goods my habits
I am: a man
Looking for: a woman
Interested In: friendship
serious relationship
Age: 38
Location: some human town, Oregon
Area Code: 503
Occupation: bigfoot/tree chopper
Ethnicity: Sasquatch
Religion: Sasquatch
Star Sign: Sasquatch
Height: 8'2"
Weight: 420 lbs
Hair color: all colors, changes with seasons
Eye color: Sasquatch
Self-deprecation: never
you your goods your habits
Age: 18 - 99
Within: 50 miles
Ethnicity: Sasquatch Bigfoot, or Yeti
Religion: Sasquatch /Rain Dancer preferred. No cloven hooves
Star Sign: Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowwoman OK too.
Height: 6'9" - 8'11"
Weight: 299 - 1400
Hair Color: younger was OK too, said 18 was minimum
Eye Color: Sasquatch colors all good
Booze: sometimes
Drugs: sometimes
the tip of my iceberg
Last great book I read:
Most humbling moment:
Being shot at by drunk white trash hippy redneck motherfuckers on some big game safari near my pond. Also finding out what Tubby Custard really is,eehwhhhwhh.

Favorite on-screen sex scene:
Teletubbies and NooNoo. And the Tubby custard. I really like NooNoo and when he sucks up all the custard.
Celebrity I resemble most:
Chewbaca in the spring and summer. Abominable Snowman more in winter. Little bit like Alec Baldwin.
Best (or worst) lie I've ever told:
D.B. Cooper was never found.
If I could be anywhere at the moment:
In my dark cave, arranging sticks and pebbles into meaningful patterns.
Song or album that puts me in the mood:
The five items I can't live without:
Berries, roots, the pond, cave, rabbit friends, berry season, my favorite stump, my bigfoot novelty slippers, just a bunch of stuff. All i have really.
Fill in the blanks:
Goat is sexy; Cows is sexier.
In my bedroom, you'll find:
Twigs mostly, a few bugs sometimes, pebbles I try to move out of the bedroom. Branches, my rabbit friends, some droppings probably.... Not a lot of stuff in there right now. Autumn is a good time for me to gather stuff, cause that's when it seems to be more stuff around more. I don't have many places to go get stuff safely like some do. Really I would like to have more things. Just don't.

why you should get to know me
It is lonely up here. Maybe you could help me find things. Long walks in the woods. Could play tricks on the rabbits. Just for fun i mean, not hurt rabbits. They are my friends. Help gather berries. A little creepy alone in the woods at night too, would like someone here to make it more comfy. Maybe to find more stuff for my bedroom, if you like more things to find in there.
more about who I'm looking for
I thought the last question was more like this one. now i am a bit confused....
Oh, i like to point out my thingy is bigger than looks it in picture. Was cold day.


bruce conkle


...approximately four dozen artists,writers,
and musicians posted online personal ads, confronting the
commercialization of personal relationships, exploring the idea of online identities...


A new art project has invaded the lively "personals" section of Nerve, the
highbrow online sex site that posts poetry, prose and photography (by the
likes of Janine Godon, Beth B, Nobuyoshi Araki and Richard Kern, to name
only a few). Organized by artists Giovanni Garcia-Fenech (former Artnet
Magazine art-news correspondent) and Jody Hughes, the project involves more
than 40 artists posting their own personals on the online bulletin board at Titled "Are Friends Electric," the scheme has the intent of
"confronting the commercialization of personal relationships, exploring the
idea of online identities and maybe trying to pick someone up." One
participant looks suspiciously like a sock puppet and describes him- or
herself as "bigfoot's sex slave"; another answers the survey questions in
haiku, as in "A web art project / Using online personals / Making a point?
Feh." Participants can be found by searching for "afe_". from Artnet news

They keep on removing my profile saying it is not me in the picture.
For a while I did use the sock monkey outfit but they didn't like that either, so i went back to the original.

more about the Are 'Friends' Electric? project-

Are 'Friends' Electric?

the nerve interview

nerve personals

you need to register to view them (it is free) most are probably gone by now.

artnet blurb

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