This was shown at 5D
an exhibiton curated by Ryan Suther at Hall Gallery in Portland

Bruce Conkle at 5D
wisps of smoke issued forth from the Mystic Mitt

Bruce Conkle at Hall Gallery


5D Gets Poly Dimensional

Close your eyes, and imagine a night of all-star musicians performing in an environment created by over 15 hip visual artists. Now open them and witness 5D, an installation whose opening night promises one of the most dense and entertaining arts events of the year. The 5D environment is provided by pieces from artists like Slim Moon and Marne Lucas, and the result is creative, bizarre, and sometimes funny. For instance, Todd Johnson's piece, which involves an Impala and handmade "gangster goblets" (gaudy, jewel encrusted cups for blinging Gs). Other oddities include Bruce Conkle's large Nordic battle hammers, fashioned out of aluminum foil, and a "homemade carnival ride" created by Michael Bland modeled on a Russian flight simulator. Hilariously, Cynthia Star's piece depicts an old man riding a Rascal, using the time-honored medium of papier-mâché. Curator Ryan Suther constructed a wall installation based on the experience of having found the body of a young woman under a bridge. As if that's not intriguing enough, opening night will be DJ'd by Selector Dub Narcotic (aka Calvin Johnson), and features performances by the Wrangler Brutes, Glass Candy, and Hustler White--an amazing show in its own right. You convinced or what? Hall Gallery, 630 SE 3rd, installation through August 15th, Saturdays, 1-3 pm
MARJORIE SKINNER, Portland Mercury, July 8, 2004.


Mystic Mitt in front of Bloody Hell and Thought Sifter



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