These images are stills from an online role-playing game. In this photo project I am documenting the beauty of the artificial landscape in this digital world. They are from a violent game played over the internet where players are continually fighting against other people as well as computer generated enemies. I have removed the central elements of the game by eliminating the human player avatars from the scenes and all other direct game references.
I see these pieces as being analogous to how Ansel Adams captured the natural beauty of western landscapes; in a similar fashion I am setting out to chronicle some of the raw beauty of these new virtual environments, one that is inhabited by people from all across the globe continuously via their computers. The final results are serene landscape pictures, reminiscent of vacation destinations.
Bruce Conkle

The first four were made for 10 Years: One Foot After Another at Mark Woolley Gallery, and the color ones are from the Play exhibit. This is an ongoing project, and more images can be seen in The Lala Zone Expedition section.