Bruce Conkle
Paradise Lost

with Fallen Fruit and Caldera

Saturday October 24th 6-8 pm
projections taking place outdoors
at the RACC Building
411 NW Park Ave at Glisan


Bruce Conkle - The Wooden Carrot

Is The Snowman An Endangered Species?
By James Derek Sapienza

Rocket Tree
Tree Clouds
Bruce Conkle Eco Baroque Land Art Mongolia
Land Art Mongolia
with Marne Lucas
Magic Chunks
Everytime I look at the Moon I think of Crop Circles
Burls will be Burls

Warlord Sun King

Friendlier Fire
Lament for Middle Kingdom Earth
Lament for Middle Kingdom Earth
Floating Forest
Landscape and Assassination
Hypnosystem Cluster 5
Captive Snowmen
Jardim Psychic
The Lala Zone Expedition